Bike Trip 4 Diabetes UK


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A Free Gift for You just for sponsoring me

I am offering a free limited edition signed and professionally printed photograph to anyone who sponsors me.

Anyone who donates a specific amount of money (cheque, cash or through paypal) directly to me can select a unique print of their choice.

  • Donate £20 and select free any photograph A4 size (value £20)
  • Donate £30 and select free any photograph A3 size (value £25)
  • Donate £40 and select free any photograph A2 size (value £30)

All photographs are unframed and signed limited editions professionally printed on textured canvas paper. All prints are limited to 20 prints in each size.

I will take the cost of any frame you select and postage out of your donation BUT All of the remainder of the money will go to Diabetes UK.  I will pay for the processing, paper and printing etc.

 Just select the image you want to receive from the ones shown below and make a note of the title. Then include it in the envelope together with your sponsor money or cheque and I wll post it out to you when I get back.

If anyone wants a handmade sold oak framed and mounted version of their print please contact me by email or facebook message – I will only charge the cost price of the frame and mount itself – picture is still free.

 My contact details are:

Facebook –
Mobile – 07505016581
Phone  –  01633679453

My address is
44 Hawkesridge
Ty Canol
NP44 6JT


Please make any cheques out to John Howles

Hover mouse over any photo to see its title – click the circular icon to see an enlarged version – click outside enlarded photo to return to grid view

  • JRH00
  • JRH001
  • JRH002
  • JRH003
  • JRH04
  • JRH05
  • JRH06
  • JRH07
  • JRH08
  • JRH09
  • JRH10
  • JRH11
  • JRH12
  • JRH13
  • JRH14
  • JRH15
  • JRH16
  • JRH17
  • JRH18
  • JRH19
  • JRH20
  • JRH21
  • JRH22
  • JRH23
  • JRH24
  • JRH25
  • JRH26
  • JRH27
  • JRH28
  • JRH29
  • JRH30
  • JRH31
  • JRH32